Project Task

Impellity Ltd. and BookAclassic Ltd. started their collaboration in 2013, when CEO Claus Christensen pitched the idea of a shared economy booking platform for classic cars.

5 years later, Impellity Ltd.  Is still working together with BookAclassic, expanding their ecommerce on a global scale. Through market research and identification of potential partners, investors and other individuals, Impellity Ltd. is an integral part in developing BookAclassic into an international success. Impellity Ltd. manages BookAclassic’s local presence, such as marketing, legal requirements, company’s registration, HR, and suppliers.

Project Outcome

BookAclassic have been established as the leading online booking portal for rental of classic vehicles. Since April 2016, when BookAclassic operated in 7 different countries, they have experienced steady growth, having entered 36 new countries.

While most of the countries remain in Europe, BookAclassic has also established themselves in the US, South America and South Africa, with the aim set on Asian and Pacific markets moving forward. The sales figures have seen a growth of almost 100 % from the first quarter of 2016, compared to the first quarter of 2017, showcasing that BookAclassic has high growth potential on a global scale.

As of 2017, the evaluation of the company is £1,2 million.

Project Details
  • Hours of work: 1750
  • Services:  Business Development, Investment Capital Sourcing
  • Website: