Impellity Ltd has an accumulation of over 100 years sales experience incorporating the services of all types of sales personnel, styles, and types – Hunters and Farmers.

Due to this mix, we understand the needs of the client when accounts have been opened and sales are flowing.

We have personnel within our mix who can assist in maintaining the account, providing client support, reporting and setting the standards required to keep the account into longevity, whilst increasing sales.

Should you the client, feel the time has come to hire, support and maintain a permanent salesperson in the position/role that has been created, then Impellity Ltd are able to write the job description and immerse themselves in the recruitment process in order to find the right person to hire.

Impellity Ltd can then tutor the new Salesperson into a winning situation, helping them to be quickly successful, and as a consequence enjoy the role more thoroughly, until they are completely embedded into the company and client culture.