As old as shopping itself, retailers and business owners have always needed to know how they shape up with their competitors and internally in order to progress towards the perfect company service.

Impellity Ltd.’s approach to Mystery Shopping is with the same attention to detail that they apply to the other aspects of their business: accurate, up to date data to provide a picture of the state of business from the customer perspective.

Are you meeting customer expectations?  The best way to find out is using a database of willing and enthusiastic, well primed volunteers to evaluate any aspect of your business within any product, any market, any where.

Our growing database extends across over 30 countries in the UK, Scandinavia, Europe, the Far East and South Africa. Impellity Ltd.’s questionnaire is designed to ensure a cross section of different profiles to guarantee satisfaction to the client.

With ten different service profiles Impellity Ltd are able to provide a project with analysis parameters that measure service provision or compliance on products and services such as:

  • First impressions
  • Greetings
  • Sales approach
  • Consultative behaviour
  • Presentation
  • Product presentation
  • Pricing up selling, cross selling and check out processes
  • Product exchange and complaint handling


With an easy to apply and a constantly refreshed application form, we guarantee a great public cross section.